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2009 12 17 — New videos and interview with Fernando Abrantes

Last weeks has been updated video section on the official website of Kraftwerk. There are new videos from the last tour 2008/2009 now, cocretely the video to the song "Music Non Stop" from Buenos Aires (03/2009), "Nummern / Computerwelt" from Hurricane Festival (06/2009) and "Electro Kardiogramm" from Auckland (11/2008). There is also the entire record (62 minutes) from the Sao Paulo concert in March 2009. For completeness I would add that the first part of the concert before The Model song was never broadcast. On MySpace profile, there is new video of The Man Machine from Singapore from December 2008. The official website in the Photos section appeared a couple of new photos.

The Portuguese portal shared new interview with Fernando Abrantes, who performed few gigs with Kraftwerk on tour for the album The Mix in 1991. Abrantes remembers the time when he worked with Kraftwerk. The interview is in Portuguese, but David Marques provide their translation into English, which can be found at the last link below.

2009 12 11 — One year of, fourty years of Kraftwerk

Dear visitors and fans of this site, let me wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year 2010. Today it is one year since I founded this site and it was visited by over 4,000 visitors. I would like to thank everyone for their patronage and I hope I will be able to continue to provide you a (quality) information about Kraftwerk.

The group, which by 2010 will celebrate 40th anniversary of its founding. I would also like to wish all members and staff of the group Kraftwerk good health, happiness and creative vitality for following years. This year we have lived to see the busy concert performances by Kraftwerk finished a long-awaited release of the Catalog, which is a real "meisterstück" (masterwork). The Catalogue is a reflection of the last 40 years of Kraftwerk's work and chronicle of the evolution of electronic music at all.

Now it is possible that comes another "silly season" in connection with Kraftwerk. Hopefully that will not last too long and Kraftwerk will soon surprise us with new products from its Kling Klang Studio.

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2010!

2009 10 08 — Future plans

Yesterday the published new interview with Ralf Hütter. Frontman said this winter Kraftwerk will prepare new album, the firts one without Schneiders participate. Hütter said the album is in very early, embryotic stage of its production. After the release they will tours again.

In Zeit magazine few months ago Hütter mentioned some information about possible concept of the prepared album. It could be the relations between leisure and working time: Kraftwerk creates music for 168 hour per week.

2009 09 24 — Box set will be released later

Release date of the remastered box set was postponed to 16th November 2009. However single remastered albums will be released on 5th October.


In Germany the release dates have been changed too. Release date of box set is the 30th October, separate albums will be available on 9th October and the LPs on 16th October 2009.

2009 09 19 — Samples from The Catalogue

On the "5 against 4" website appeared the review on The Catalogue including some remastered songs from it, which you can download. Below there are the direct links to the audio files.

2009 09 13 — The last show of the year on Bestival, Isle of Wight

Yesterday Kraftwerk played their last live show this year on Bestival, Isle of Wight. It was a classical festival performance (90 mins) with common setlist. Information about this event including setlist you can find in links below. Concert review on

2009 09 10 — The Catalogue in Bontonland shops

Since 5th October 2009 will be in Bontonland stores in sale the eight single remastered Kraftwerk albums. Whole The Catalogue is not (meanwhile?) in pre-order catalog.


In the catalog of products of Bontonland now there appeares the box set too. It is offered for 2604,- CZK in the e-shop (original price is 2799,- CZK) and every single remastered album costs 427,- CZK in the e-shop, original price is 459,- CZK/album.

2009 08 31 — The Catalogue in stock of EMI Czech Republic

The catalog titles of Czech branch of EMI includes in stock box set The Catalogue, as well as all the individual albums on CD and LP format.

2009 08 27 — The Catalogue: new information, new cover, new video and so on

Recently appears much information about box set 12345678. Information includes:

  • English version of the Trans-Europe Express album will include the Abzug composition, as well as german version.
  • The tracklist of the Techno Pop album will be changed. Between the songs The Telephone Call and Sex Object will be added a remix by François Kevorkian "House Phone", which appeared in 1987 on the 12 inch single of The Telephone Call.
  • The Tour de France Soundtracks album will be renamed to Tour de France.
  • In Germany the box set will be released on 2009/10/02.
  • On Amazon and EMI Germany is possible to pre-order The Catalogue.
  • On Kling-Klang shop web site appeares new T-shirt with The Catalogue logo.
  • On official band web site there is new promo video in Info > Der Katalog section.

All these news you can check up in links below:

2009 08 16 — Kraftwerk in 3D on Værket Outdoor in Denmark

Yesterday Kraftwerk played in Randers City in Denmark. The concert was in 3D, as well as in Manchester and Wolfsburg. The show visited about 5000 people. Setlist included german-titled songs, the last period was in 3D.

  1. Intro
  2. Die Mensch Maschine
  3. Planet der Visionen
  4. Heimcomputer
  5. Tour de France
  6. Tour de France 2003
  7. Autobahn
  8. Computerliebe
  9. Das Modell
  10. Neonlicht
  11. Schaufensterpuppen
  12. Trans Europa Express
  13. Die Roboter
  14. Nummern (3D)
  15. Computerwelt (3D)
  16. Radioaktivität (3D)
  17. Vitamin (3D)
  18. Aerodynamik (3D)
  19. Musik Non Stop (3D)

On YouTube you can watch some videos from the event. In links below there are recension (in danish) and photogallery:

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