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2011 12 24 — Tour 2012

On December 15th at the official website in the concerts section appeared an information that Kraftwerk should perform on 23rd March 2012 at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida, USA. In a few minutes, however, this gig disappeared. But today, the festival organizers officially announced the first information about line up. The guests includes also Kraftwerk.

23rd March 2012 is now the first tour date of 2012 and we can expect more gigs to be announced. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012!

2011 10 14 — Alte Kongresshalle

On Wednesday and Thursday three 3D concerts were played at Alte Kongresshalle in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. These gigs were an opening act for the exhibition of 3D animations, which begins tomorrow in the Munich's gallery of Lenbachhaus on Königsplatz Square, and which will ends on 13th November. More detailed information about these concerts can be found on the link below, so it is not necessary to describe them in detail here.

Now the question is the steps of Kraftwerk in nearby future. However, it is very possible that the exhibition and supporting concerts will go to London and New York, as has been mentioned for many times. On Monday 17th October also will be published a new book Kraftwerk: 3D with 3D glasses. By the way, it was possible to buy this book during the Munich concerts.

And a few more details at the end. Show started with the typical sounds, but these sounds have been supported by the animation for Home Computer, which was screened on the curtain. Kraftwerk played on stage without laptops, but they probably had a smaller display built into the desktop of the synthesizers, so the audience could not see it. Fritz Hilpert used dioptric glasses during the performance. There was also a promotional merchandise Kling Klang Konsum Product Shop. In addition to the goods that can be ordered online, there were to purchase a new gray T-shirt with a red letters "BOING" in the yellow star (theme from Music Non Stop) and a special bag with the current Kraftwerk pixelized logo (the price was €35). (These bags were sold out very quickly - I bought the last one at the museum shop of Lenbachhaus gallery in the city center near the Marienplatz square). We will see whether these items will appear in the online Kling Klang shop or not. Furthermore at Alte Kongresshalle was also already mentioned 3D book for sale as I said before.

2011 09 13 — Friday's secret concert

This morning was released an article on german e-magazine RP Online. There was stated that on Friday 9th September in the evening a secret 3D concert was realised in Düsseldorf. It took place in the Hans Mayer gallery and it was strictly secret event only for VIP guests (one thousand of 3D glasses was distributed). The performance took 25 minutes and according to the magazine, it was open-air event. In the article, there was also one more time repeated information on future Kraftwerk concerts in London and New York. The question is, if these gigs were explicitly confirmed, or if this information was taken from

2011 09 08 — Kraftwerk in 3D: Wallpaper magazine

In the current issue of Wallpaper magazine has been published an article called Kraftwerk in 3D. The text contains only an interview with a Kraftwerk fan and with several famous persons. Informatively nothing new. The article is also accompanied by 3D pictures, which you can find in the 2011 photogallery in the link below.

2011 09 06 — 3D T-shirts

In connection with the announced concerts and the exhibition in Munich, between Kling Klang Shop products have appeared two new T-shirts with the logo of 3D glasses in white and black versions. They can be purchased for €25 apiece, like all the other T-shirts in e-shop.

2011 07 14 — Third midnight gig in Munich

Since yesterday both of shows in Munich are sold out and today was announced third concert in Alte Kongresshalle for midnight from 13th to 14th October.

2011 06 30 — Tour 2011

The official site has been redesigned into a new look and in the Tour section have appeared two new concert dates: 12th and 13th October 2011, Alte Kongresshalle, Munich, Germany. These concerts would be a 3D performances. The question is if there will be another gigs this year. Meanwhile the realizations of exhibitions in New York and London remain officially unconfirmed.

2011 06 04 — 3D book and other exhibitions have published in its upcoming product list a new item called Kraftwerk: 3D. It will be a 96-page hardcover book in the English language issued in connection with the upcoming exhibition Elektronishe Klangbilder in Munich. The book should include some art work, video stills and lyrics by Kraftwerk, all printed using 3D technology. Essay was written by exhibition curator Matthias Mühling. The book should be issued on 28th November this year, and it will be available on Amazon for less than $27. In the description of the publication is also stated that in addition to Munich's exhibition there will be another ones at Tate Modern, London, UK and at New York's MoMA. When it will happens, it is not yet clarified.

2011 04 08 — Elektronische Klangbilder in Munich

City Gallery in Munich has published more information on the exhibitions planned for this year. Exhibition called Kraftwerk: Elektronische Klangbilder will take place from 15th October 13th November 2011 from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 18 hours.

2011 03 11 — An application for iPhone and iPad

Ralf Hütter and Fritz Hilpert with an american sound project Norman Fairbanks created an application called Kling Klang Machine No1 for Apple products iPhone and iPad. Application was released today, it exists in english and german version. App was developing for last two years. As Norman Fairbanks says, the app features an interactive 24hrs music generator based on realtime data depending on your location that are continuously feeded into the app.


On official Kling Klang merchandise site there were added two new T-shirts with logo of new application for Apple products, which was mentioned today. T-shirts are in grey and dark-grey variants, it costs 30 euro and are available in sizes S to XL.

2011 02 20 — Interview with Maxime Schmitt on french radio

Maxime Schmitt is a close french friend of Ralf Hütter, who has been cooperating with Kraftwerk since the mid-70s and he is the co-author of several lyrics (including lyrics from the last album Tour de France). He has been invited as a guest of the french radio to record episodes of the show Pop etc., which analyzes the successful pop albums of the last half century and the current episode is devoted to the Trans-Europe Express album. The episode was broadcast on 19th February and in the end of the program on the question about future plans of Kraftwerk Maxime Schmitt replied, that in September this year, some event could take place in Paris. Whether he meant a concerts, we don't know now, but he also added, that it is necessary to wait for an official announcement and that everything can be different, after all, as usual with Kraftwerk.

Maxime Schmitt, along with Emil Schult is currently the closest external collaborator of Kraftwerk, so his words may be attached to credibility. Let's see what the future holds. The whole episode in french language in the MP3 format you can download from the link below:


Besides the already mentioned unspecified action in Paris in September, there should be also an exhibition in City Museum in Munich, which should be presented video-projections by Kraftwerk using 3D graphics, with "25-minute version" of the Autobahn including. The exhibition would be held probably in October or November 2011, the concrete date has not been set meanwhile. Articles in German can be found at:

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