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2012 12 05 — Eight concerts at Tate Modern, London

For the first time in June 2011 was promised that Kraftwerk will perform concerts in a former power station in London on the banks of the Thames - in today's gallery of Tate Modern. Now this promise has been fulfilled: Kraftwerk will play eight 3D concerts between 6th and 14th February 2013. They will completly perform their 8 albums, one album per each evening. Tickets presale (£60 per ticket) starts on 12th December at 7:30 GMT. Maximum of 4 tickets per person will be possible to purchase.

2012 11 28 — Sónar Festival, Barcelona

Today Kraftwerk announced further festival appearance in the next year. The band will play a 3D concert at Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain on June 14th 2013.

2012 11 16 — Malta Festival, Poznań

Concerts in Dusseldorf won't be the only live performances in the following year. Malta Festival in Poznań, Poland has published a list of artists who next June will perform at this festival. Kraftwerk will play here a 3D concert on 28th June 2013.

2012 11 12 — Two midnight concerts added

After a very quick sold out of tickets for concerts in Düsseldorf two more concerts were announced today. Kraftwerk will play two midnight concerts on 18th January (Techno Pop album) and 19th January (The Mix album). Ticket presale starts tomorrow at 16 PM on

2012 11 10 — Concerts sold out and the limited edition of Der Katalog

Today at 10AM the pre-sale of tickets to Düsseldorf concerts started. In about an hour all the tickets were sold out. Many people struggled to purchase the tickets again and again, but because of some technical problems it was unable to book the tickets successfuly. This story unfortunately very reminiscent of the fiasco in April, when similar problems occured with ordering tickets for the concerts in New York. Some negative and disappointed reactions spreads among those who failed with booking of tickets.

Website states that on the occasion of these concerts a limited edition of remastered box Der Katalog will be released on 30th November 2012. Limited edition of the English box set in a black package was released on the occasion of the April concerts in New York, so there will be released German limited edition too.

2012 11 08 — Tour 2013

In January 2013 Kraftwerk will play eight 3D concerts at Kunstsammlung Nordhrein-Westfalen in their hometown Düsseldorf. The scenario will probably be very similar to that in April this year in New York: every night one of the eight albums will be performed live. Ticket pre-sale starts on 10th November at 10AM. Concerts will be supported by an exhibition Kraftwerk - Roboter, which will be held in the gallery NRW Forum in Düsseldorf. The exhibition starts on January 11th 2013 and it will contains works of photographer Peter Boettcher.

2012 08 26 — Zurich Openair

Yesterday evening took place the last concert this year at Zurich Openair Festival. It is not clear whether further concerts will be announced this year. European fans expect a retrospective concerts somewhere like in April in New York. In yesterday's setlist also appeared Vitamin and Aerodynamik.

2012 08 12 — Way Out West, Gothenburg

Yesterday Kraftwerk played 3D concert at the festival Way Out West in Gothenburg, Sweden. This was the first appearance in Europe this year. The band played classic 90-minute festival set (almost the same as in May at Sónar festival in Sao Paulo), the show began at 22:20. They also played Spacelab and Metropolis; the first half of Radioactivity was sung in Japanese, as well as a few weeks ago in Tokio. Setlist and poster can be found under the link below.

2012 07 18 — Kraftwerk in Switzerland

Another european gig has been confirmed. Kraftwerk will play a 3D concert on August 25th in Zürich at the festival Zürich OpenAir.

2012 07 07 — No Nukes, Tokio

The only concert in Japan took a place in Tokio today. Kraftwerk played at No Nukes and now first information appears on Twitter. Performance began with Radioactivity. Ralf sang a part of the song in japanese language. Geiger Counter was played as an intro. Kraftwerk also played Metropolis, Pocket Calculator and Dentaku. Setlist you can find in the link below.

2012 07 05 — Concert in Warsaw cancelled

In last several days some rumors appeared, that Ultra Music Festival in Warsaw has been canceled. Unfortunatelly, this morning the information was officially confirmed. For those who purchased tickets for the event, paid a train/flight to Warsaw and who booked accommodation (including me) this is absolutely great news. From unofficial sources they apparently had a problem with the sponsor(s) of the festival.

The concert in Gothenburg, which was announced yesterday, is probably the replacement for the canceled performance in Warsaw. The concert will take a place the last day of the festival, on August 11th.

2012 07 04 — Next gig in Europe

Today next 2012 show was confirmed. Kraftwerk will play 3D concert at Way Out West festival in Gothenburg, Sweden. At this time no concrete date of the performance was confirmed (the festival runs from August 9th to August 11th).

2012 06 06 — Kraftwerk in Japan

This year, a system "one gig per one continent" comes popular. After a solitary appearances in South America and Europe (where hopefully more gigs will take a place), Kraftwerk today announced a concert at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan on 7th July.

2012 05 31 — Kraftwerk in Poland

Kraftwerk will also perform this year in Europe. The event will be Ultra Music Festival in Warsaw, Poland, where Kraftwerk is going to perform on 14th July 2012. In March this year, Kraftwerk played a gig at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, USA. The polish concert will probably be in 2D.

2012 05 12 — Sónar Festival, São Paulo

Yesterday for the first time Kraftwerk performed their 3D show on a festival. The band played at Sónar Festival a 3D gig instead of canceled performance of icelandic singer Björk. Show was about 1 hour 40 minutes long. Kraftwerk also played song Metropolis, which was performed live after nearly 30 years last month in New York.

2012 04 28 — 3D concert at Sónar Festival in São Paulo

According to Sónar festival's official website Kraftwerk should perform on 11th May a 3D concert as a replacement for the canceled Björk's performance. This information was confirmed by the official festival website and several online magazines, but we must wait for the official band statement.

By the way, exhibition Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 in New York, according to some sources, should be only in 2D, not 3D.

2012 04 11 — Autobahn live at MoMA

Yesterday Kraftwerk played first of eight 3D retrospective concerts at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. The concert began with The Robots and followed by all the songs from the album Autobahn in the order they are listed on the album. Guests of the show were pleased with clean sound, rich bass background and with an originality and feeling with which the band presented their old songs (however, the title song Autobahn was not played in its original length of 23 minutes). For all of these songs were created new 3D animations. Then, the show continued after Morgenspaziergang with other hits that Kraftwerk commonly played live. Show classically ended with solos of Music Non Stop.

Setlist, photos, videos and more information you could find on links below. Tour continues tonight with their next album Radio-Activity (released 1975).

2012 04 10 — 3D concerts

Tonight by the presentations of album Autobahn at the Museum of Modern Art in New York begins eight retrospective 3D Kraftwerk concerts. Yesterday the band played sixteen songs at a general private soundcheck (see the link below). Next days we will bring more detailed information about these concerts.

A few days ago was also released the second generation of Kling Klang Machine for iOS. Who have bought the first generation of this application, a free upgrade through iTunes is available. The main innovation in the second version is the drum machine.

2012 03 29 — Limited edition of The Catalogue

For the occasion of 3D concerts and 3D exhibitions in New York at MoMA, EMI decided to release a limited edition of The Catalogue. A set of eight remastered albums will be released in amount of only two thousand copies. In contrast of the original white edition of 2009, this limited one will be packaged in black cover.

2012 03 24 — Ultra Music Festival, Miami

Yesterday Kraftwerk played their first concert this year in Miami, Florida, USA. It was the first 2D concert and also the first festival appearance since 2009. As ever on festivals, Kraftwerk played 90 mins setlist. No new songs appeared, however, a few new visual arrangements they performed. Some video recordings are already uploaded on youtube. Setlist of the gig you can find on link below.

2012 02 16 — The "Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8" exhibition and 3D concerts

Confirmed. In New York at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA PS1) between April 10th and May 14th will take a place a retrospective exhibition of Kraftwerk's work: from the album Autobahn (1974) to the album Tour de France (2003). This exhibition will be supported from 10th to 17th April by eight 3D concerts - each of the gigs should represent one album: Each evening consists of a live performance and 3-D visualization of one of Kraftwerk's studio albums.

Tickets are on sale from 22th February for $25 on the link below. Curator of the exhibition is Klaus Biesenbach.

2012 02 05 — Kraftwerk at MoMA?

According to some tweets from several people on Twitter we can expect that Kraftwerk could realize in April in New York's gallery of MoMa similar 3D exhibition as happend last October in Munich. Whether it will really happens or whether it will be supported by some concerts, now anyone's guess. But performance at Ultra Music Festival in Miami in March is now reality and we can probably expect this is not the only Kraftwerk performance in the U.S.

By the way, Kraftwerk has recently also the official profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

2012 01 09 — Soundtrack, KKM No. 2 & this year's concerts

In last days several news appeared, which might be summarized. The first one is, that an edited version of the song Tour de France 2003 will appears on soundtrack for the game WipEout 2048 by SONY.

The second news is not so current. In August, a producer Norman Fairbanks published a report on his blog, where he stated he is working on version No. 2 of his Kling Klang Machine, an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The last report is unverified and it relates to this year's tour. One of members of the suggests, that some reliable source close to the band stated, that Kraftwerk's concerts for the year 2012 will be limited only to selected festivals in the United States.

2012 01 02 — New T-shirt

The products of the official Kling Klang Konsum Product contains a new gray T-shirt with the logo of antenna. T-shirt is made from organic cotton and can be bought in sizes M, L, XL for €30.

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