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2014 12 11 — Barcelona

Kraftwerk announced first solo concert for upcoming year today. The band will play in Barcelona at the end of April.

2014 11 03 — Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin

Kraftwerk announced more retrospective concerts for January 2015 today. Prior the Amsterdam gigs the band will play at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Concerts starts on January 6th.

2014 09 11 — More concerts this year

However Kraftwerk announced eight retrospective concerts in Amsterdam only three days ago, another eight gigs were announced today. Concerts will be held in Paris, but the venue is unspecified at this moment. The venue announcement and tickets pre-sale starts on September 20th.

2014 09 08 — Tour 2015

Kraftwerk announced concerts for upcoming year quite early. In January the band will play eight retrospective concerts at Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherland.

2014 04 07 — Parco della Musica, Roma

Kraftwerk added one more concert today, which will be held in Europe. The band is going to visit Italy again after five years. They will play at Parco della Musica, Rome, on July 14th.

Let me also wish happy Birthday to Florian Schneider.

2014 04 02 — SummerSonic, Tokyo

A few weeks old rumour was confirmed today: alongside the appearance at Sonic Mania, Kraftwerk will perform also at the SummerSonic festival in Tokyo. There is another rumour, that Kraftwerk might play at the end of August in Ibiza, Spain, but this information is not confirmed yet.

2014 02 27 — Nuits Sonores, Lyon

After a decade Kraftwerk returns to France. Le Parisien reported, that Kraftwerk will play a 3D concert at the Nuits sonores festival in Lyon on June 1st.

2014 02 17 — Concert in Vancouver

In July Kraftwerk return to America for the second time this year. They will play on July 3rd in Vancouver at Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

2014 02 06 — Sonic Mania, Tokyo

In recent years Japan has become a popular destination for Kraftwerk. As well as in 2012 and 2013, this year the group will visit Japan again. On 15th August Kraftwerk will play at Sonic Mania Festival at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo. There is a rumour that a day or two days later, Kraftwerk would play on sister event Summer Sonic, also in Tokyo.

2014 02 04 — Sasquatch! Music Festival, USA

Kraftwerk will return to the USA in early July. On 4th to 6th July the Sasquatch! Music Festival in the state of Washington will be held, where Kraftwerk will play 3D concert.

2014 01 24 — Grammy Lifetime achievements award for Kraftwerk

Tomorrow the prestigious 56th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles will be held. Kraftwerk were nominated for Lifetime achievements award together with Beatles and others. Fans confirmed today that Ralf Hütter had been seen at the Stockholm airport rushing to a plane to Zurich. It is possible he is travelling to Los Angeles to take the award personally.

2014 01 22 — Yesterday's concert and rumour about new soundtrack

Yesterday Kraftwerk played first concert of this year in swedish capital of Stockholm. Unfortunately, the setlist was almost the same as the last year's gigs in Eindhoven and Iceland.

At the same time, however, the Swedish media has presented new information (or rather guesses?), that Kraftwerk would compose a soundtrack for the famous swedish cross-country ski race called The Vasa Race (Vasaloppet). According to the Moderna Museet curator Daniel Birnbaum, Ralf Hütter considered his participation in the race and Birnbaum suggested he would compose the soundtrack for this event. Birnbaum said that Hütter was excited about the idea to compose the soundtrack for this famous long-distance race and now he is considering it. Swedish newspapers Dagens Nyheter and Svenska dagbladet should release interviews with Hütter soon, so there would be more information about this case. The future will show, how much these words are truthful...

2014 01 21 — NYC & Washington concerts

According to unofficial sources Kraftwerk will play two more gigs in America, concretely on April 1st in New York City and April 4th in the US capital of Washington D. C.

2014 01 13 — More concerts in USA and Canada

Three concerts were added to the American part of the 2014 tour. Kraftwerk will perform on March 27th in Chicago, then on the March 29th in Toronto and March 30th in Montreal, Canada.

2014 01 09 — New video

Last night a new video on the official web site appeared. The video file titled "KW_TVclip60" is one minute long and consists of excerpts of 2013 concerts and concert projections. In the video snippets of The Robots, Numbers, Computer World, Autobahn, Trans Europe Express and Music Non Stop have been used. The purpose of the video is unclear yet.

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